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Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing - The Countess
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Count & Countess
This is here for the benefit of improving my characterization of Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing presented version being post manga (tanko 10).

What is this for?

♥ To contact me for something characterization wise you believe iffy and are afraid to tell me so over AIM (Larisa Thessaly) or email (thess.fan.of.hellsing@gmail). Anon or signed up. Comments are to be screened. I'll know and if you want a reply, I'll try to give you that (and unscreened if you want me to). OOCness, stagnant development, inconsistency, unfair info modding, probable godmodding, etc, etc. None of this are done in purpose, but I'm human and I can easily make stupid mistakes. Want to fix them up.

♥ Rl vored me and I'm unable to thread/be active/get you back for a plot! Too of that AIM is just being an ass too. So this will be a message center and heads up! Link me any important stuff I missed.

♥ Cookies?

Anticipating the WRY vampire!Integra reactions. I can write pages-long essays, but I'm going to keep this clear and short, if anyone STILL has questions, you can ask moar.

Vampire Integra getCollapse )

Bonus Extra. FAQ of my interpretation of Integra HellsingCollapse )

Vampirism IC progression:

º Arrival (after first blood sucking. See last chapter).
º Second blood sucking.
º Convalescence. Period with short online visits from her.
º Third session. Integra sucks Alucard's blood at death's door and disappears from her bed and the City for a day.
º Return from the death/math land as full-fledged vampire.
º Profit!
21st-Feb-2010 12:46 am - ♠ 22 [[accidental video]]
Search and destroooooy!!
[As Integra begins to engrave the four areas around the magic circle, the device is pushed away and begins to record the scene. A damp basement, filled with candles and antique objects. A young blonde woman seems focused in finishing a pentagram drawing, she's holding some amulets and a shattered golden cross of medieval origin. She's done with the circle, her left hand's injury heals, it is a circle written in her blood. Her attention is at the time, the peak of her magic is about to come.]

[She takes a long breath and braces herself, outstretching her arm and beginning her chant. Her voice echoes in every wall, metallic laced with her mana.]

"Bare and silver and iron. Stone for foundation and the Grand Knight of contracts. My great master Abraham van Helsing for the ancestor. A wall for the descending winds. The four gates shall close and come out the crown. Let the three-forked road to the kingdom cycle."

[She takes a long breath and braces herself, outstretching her arm and beginning her chant. Her voice echoes in every wall, metallic laced with her mana.]

[It's working, she could sense it, she continues with her chant, feeling her body melting from the tip of her fingers to the roots of her hair while she becomes a tool to obtain magical power.]

"Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Five times for each repetition. Just destroy the enclosed time. Anfang!"

[She gasps for air, feeling her body burn as if its on fire. The sensations overwhelm her form, as if she's growing extra limbs, unfurling wings, thickening her skin. But there is no physical change-- it is her blood shed below, burning white within her veins that is singing as if hell have came out to torment her human form for summoning magic by impaling her with countless of spears and swords.

Despite of the pain, Integra smirks. Perfect]

"I announce. Thy body shall be under my command, my fate shall be determined by thy sword. Follow the call of the Holy Grail. If thou wouldst obey this mind and this reason, then answer my call!"

[She has to end this fast, summon and focus the mana out of her body to finish her summoning. It was now or never, pain be damned, she was going to finish this. She's sweating too much and mentally curses her decision to wear a suit to do this.]

"Make an oath here. I am the one who shall become the virtue of all the afterworld. I am the one who shall lay out the evil of all the afterworld. Thou art Seven Heavens clad in the Three Great Words. Emerge from the ring of control, guardian of the balance!"

[She closes her eyes far too late, she feels her left eye already blinding by the intensity of the glimpse of the imperceivable fifth element. Such an amateur mistake, there's no lamenting over this. In a war you're mean to lose something, but so early... and so carelessly. Integra gasps for breath and falls down, vision returning fully when the glow of the room dims and there is only the candlelight to illuminate.

She opens her good eye and sees...]

Her ServantCollapse )

(ooc; Inb4, TL;DR. Fate/Stay Night genre switch. All replies will be assumed after she and "Saber" talk).
14th-Feb-2010 02:38 am - ♠ 21 [[audio]]
Higher ground
Brilliant. This rubbish continues even after midnight? If you want to have a word with us, speak before I go to bed. I am not a morning person and I expect nobody dares to wake me with their frenetic chatter after dawn.

Those who are in our headquarters, either identify yourselves or evacuate before I release the hounds.

You have fifteen minutes. I am being bloody generous tonight, but I advice you to not try my patience. It has a limit.
2nd-Feb-2010 01:26 pm - ♠ 20 [[audio]]
What is... Oh, I see, brilliant.

[sloshing sound of water]

This is absolutely ridiculous and far too bloody early to bother me over something like this.


I'm positioned on water, Alucard. Stay where you are and I do hope that your current location is in fact the cushioned comfort of your coffin. Do not seek me. Is this clear to you? Don't be a prat and disobey me.

I want a cup of B Negative served and warm when I return home.

(ooc; LOL, if you want to be Integra's tunnel of love companion(s), jump ahead in action, she's still groggy, other people would get audio).
24th-Jan-2010 11:13 pm - ♠ 19
Patch-Spoils of War
The adolescent stage didn't suit me for too long. There are far too many teenagers trapped in this bloody hellhole. Admittedly, most of them are fairly mature for your apparent age and are able to behave like emancipated adults, this is an accomplishment.

I suppose the City isn't so bad. I can still manage to purchase my favorite brand of cigars.
4th-Jan-2010 11:10 pm - ♠ 18
[[Recorded Personal Journal. Off Network]]Collapse )

[[Hellsing Headquarters]]

I shall be out tonight, but I will return when dawn breaks. The City doesn't truly appeals me, but I'm going to make an exception in this case.

[[Open Action Log: <s>Everywhere and Nowhere</s> Anywhere in the City]]Collapse )
14th-Dec-2009 10:26 pm - ♠ 17
Higher ground
Hm. I don't suppose there are many members of the Anglican clergy in this City. I don't pretend to have a grand celebration at the Westminster Abbey in this hellhole, but a degree of religious observation should be nice.

[[Private to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and his crew // Visible to Alucard]]

Bloody brilliant. Why wasn't I reported immediately from Rip van Winkle's escape? I presume that at least you and your people are keeping a close track of her since I entrusted her into your capable hands.

[[Hellsing Headquarters]]

Kuran. Yuuki. I want you to put special attention to this exchange. It seems that your enemy and my enemy are in agreeable terms with each others.

Into far more important matters...

Christmas dinner is ruled out for us, Count, but we should try to keep with the traditions we honour. Undead or alive, we are English and we must behave properly. Certainly, you and your brother may celebrate it with us, Yuuki.
2nd-Dec-2009 08:05 pm - ♠ 16
Hm. If I only had the power to shut the Network down during these bloody curses.

Carrying on important matters, Rip van Winkle was stopped. If you wish to continue the investigation about the murders, be my guest, however the Royal Order of Protestant Knights shall not continue with this. Our target was the Lieutenant and nobody else.

Her associates are none of my business.

[[Private to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and his crew // Visible to Alucard]]

We are done with her. Do come for our little huntress at your leisure.

(ooc; PRETEND THIS WAS EARLIER. /DIES. Action for Rip and Alucard!)
8th-Nov-2009 12:28 am - ♠ 15
Patch-Spoils of War
Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing-called many things by friends and foes alike from Master and Iron Maiden to less flattering like Protestant Swine, and more recently she had become the Countess- sat bathed in the twilight of her office. Her silver blonde tresses cascaded down her hips and a cloud of smoke concealed part of her features. She was as usual, indulging herself in a cigar, dressed with a simple pair of black trousers, a pristine white shirt with a blue cravat tied around its neck. Despite her recent undead nature, she wore a silver cross pin proudly as symbol of the Church she defended. She reclined a little, letting one of the strands of her hair fall over the expensive oak desk, as she read the Network- an activity she did after she fed. The teacup filled medical blood was left unfinished at her left, even if it was enough to serve her nourishment, the anticoagulant left certain unappealing aftertaste in her palate.

This is ridiculous! she thought, features darkened in deep indignation. She had realised since the beginning she was cursed and unable to stop typing what she qualified as ‘bloody rubbish’, however she could not control herself. The good humour she had had lingering from the bonfire of Guy Fawkes’s Night had completely evaporated. With a quiet growl, she attempted to call the shadows to prevent her fingers to continue their incessant typing. However, the darkness once beckoned in became accomplice to the curse; much to the knight’s aggravation, dark digits aided her hands in the current description of the mundane routine of her day life.

In a flash of uncontrolled rage, Integra was about to hurl the device to the ground, ready to shatter it to pieces. What foolishness would I reveal in this state? mused as the the sapphire orb of her good eye glowed with a ruby incandesce. In that same instant, a revealing entry caught her undivided attention. The computer was rescued from damage and, thus, the last of the Hellsings filtered from properly suspicious parties.

[[Filtered from Rip van Winkle and Luke Valentine]]

“The recent murder,” she began, leaving all the frustration and anger buried beneath the surface. She straightened her posture and addressed the Network without much of a glimpse of what had previously transpired. Not a single hair in the wrong place or any trace of emotion behind the gleam of her spectacles. “Who has more information about it?”

(ooc; Willlll try to backdate Integra’s log in the bonfire entry if I have time! Assume she was around, not cursed! /o. Yes, slightly purple).
1st-Nov-2009 08:31 pm - ♠ 14
Aren't curses supposed to end by midnight? Why are these pests still invading my headquarters?


Help me to throw escort them outside!
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